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I Didn't Choose The Pot Life

After seeing some of my other work, some of you might look at this and say "Oh, Colour!" and oh colour it is. At first I was going for a colour scheme that borrows a bit from Naughty Dog's concept art for The Last Of Us. But then I looked at The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker and decided to change direction. Let me know what you think. Now for the elephant in the room; Why the title, and why are people living in big ceramic pots? Well, it taps into my desire to make little things and turn them into something much bigger, such as the tree stump becoming the edge of a cliff. There's a little photo-mashing going on along with the individual illustrations and painting, and a little desire to revisit Hobbiton (The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy is in the pipeline for Christmas holiday viewing). And...other than to be visually complimentary, I can't say much about making the pots pink and purple. It possibly says something about the giants who created them.