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A piece of Fan Art. The best music video that I've seen in a very long time is Labyrinth by MONDO GROSSO, which includes the singer and actress Hikari Mitsushima singing, dancing and travelling through the streets, nooks and crannies of Hong Kong. It's 1 of those videos that can literally transport you into another location, and, for me, it really sticks out. I was also attempting a colour scheme that's closer in style to night scenes from 80s Anime. Hopefully it worked.

Somebody once asked if I could present some of the progress of my work in future, so here's the beginning of it. A rough idea, followed by a 1st draft character, then a rough colour, and then a touch-up of the face and work on the perspective and colours. The final image was a last minute decision when I found how much I liked the Amaro filter on it. Feel free to say whether it works better or if the original is.

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